ECU Brand Portal

The university's brand portal includes assets such as stock photos, logos, photos, fonts, templates.

To use these resources effectively and be a positive steward of the Emily Carr brand, we recommend that you first review our Brand Guidelines and read about our Visual Identity.

Need something specific for your communications or design work?

We have a large searchable library of images and videos, and additional video assets for designers. To request access to the library, please contact Communications + Marketing.

Designing materials on your own

First, download and consult our Brand Guidelines to ensure the proper use of our visual identity in your design.

    Take accessibility into consideration. There are helpful tools online to do this:

    • Test your design for colour and type size. We recommend Who Can Use.
    • Test that your writing is plain and clear. We recommend Hemingway App.

    Final Design Checklist

    Use this checklist to ensure you aren’t missing anything important in your design:

    Tips for selecting images for your project

    Characteristics of Photos
    General Tips

    Working with contractors

    If your project requires a graphic designer, printer, or another partner, use the freelance contract when confirming their services.

    Email the Communications + Marketing office to request a list of recommended printers and designers.

    Once you've found a partner, consult them as early as possible about the project. Schedule regular check-ins to ensure expectations are managed and products are delivered on time.

    Use these guidelines when selecting photos for print or web applications, or for giving direction to a photographer.

    Marketing Consent Release Form

    Our marketing release form (formerly known as the "Artwork and model release form") is required for any photo/video of a person(s) and/or their artwork that may be used in Emily Carr publications or promotional material in any marketing channel (website, newsletters, viewbooks, social media, etc.)

    About obtaining consent at public vs private events
    More info about FIPPA

    Order Business Cards

    If you have previously ordered business cards and have an account, visit the business card generator and order more.

    If you haven't ordered business cards before or do not have an account, follow the instructions below.

    How to create an account to order business cards

    Email Signature Generator

    Use our online signature generator to help create and install your personal email signature.


    Use a template to save time and ensure that your message looks sharp and is on-brand.

    Our Brand Assets portal includes presentation templates, letterhead and more. The portal is password protected. Contact us to request the password.


    Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

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