Life Drawing for Teens

Life Drawing

Life drawing allows artists to study the human body in detail, gaining a deep understanding of anatomy, proportions, and the nuances of form. This skill is invaluable for creating believable representations of the human figure, whether your goal is realism, or creative expressions infused with your unique artistic voice and style. Develop your observational and life drawing skills in this immersive Life Drawing workshop. Through a range of exercises, you will learn how to use gesture, line, proportion, composition, volume and form to draw from a life model. This workshop is equally about experimentation of style and technical skill building. An excellent compliment to drawing, illustration and animation practices, as well as an important practice on its own, this workshop will help you build confidence in your drawing skills.

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Spring 2024 Sessions

Saturday + Sunday, Apr 6 - 7
10:00am - 5:00pm
On campus

Instructor: Vjeko Sager
Tuition: $319.15
CETP 178 S001

Learning Outcomes


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