Tool Checkout + Resale

  • About


    The Tool Checkout + Resale (C1272) is a campus-wide service offering a variety of tools for short-term loan and consumable materials for purchase.


  • Tool Checkout

    Follow this process to check out tools:

    • On your first visit, bring a photocopy of your Student ID card.
    • You will be issued a Tool Checkout + Resale borrowing card; bring this with you each time you visit.
    • Tools are distributed on a first-come first-served basis and must be signed out.
    • Loan period is 24 hours.
    • Tools can be renewed in person or over the phone.
  • Material Purchase

    All payments must be made at the Student Payments Office (located inside Student Commons). There are two ways to buy materials:

    • For purchases of $5 and under: Buy a $5 purchase card from the Student Payments Office. You can then use this credit at the Tool Checkout + Resale in 50¢ increments.
    • For purchases over $5: Fill out a Purchase Form (available outside Tool Checkout + Resale) and pay at the Student Payments Office. Bring your payment receipt to Tool Checkout + Resale to pick up your items.
  • Contact

    Tool Checkout + Resale Office
    604. 629. 4504