Prototyping, Media, + Programming Studio

  • Intro

    From 3D scanning and printing, digital media to laser cutting, the PMP studio is ready to bring your ideas to life.

    Do you you have a new design idea or product concept that needs testing? Consider prototyping. The Prototyping, Media, and Programming Studio (PMP) provides general digital media tools, as well as 3D scanning and printing services. Also under the PMP umbrella are a CNC machine and a laser cutter which are housed outside of the studio (for ventilation reasons).

    We are fully equipped in studio and we also have equipment available to rent. Applied research at the PMP and industry partnerships are central to the culture of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. As in all of our Research Centres and labs, art and design meet industry in service of culture, community and economy at the Protoyping, Media and Programming Studio. Find out more about the PMP and our equipment and technical team.

  • Contact

    Jerri-Lynne Cameron, Director, Research Administration + Operations

    Sean Arden, Prototyping, Media + Programming Studio Technician

    Aaron Oussoren, Prototyping, Media + Programming Studio Technician

    Steven Hall, CNC Technician

  • Equipment Available for Use and Rent

    Equipment available for use

    • 6 workstations (3 OS X stations oriented toward video and audio work, including one capable of editing 2K footage and 3 XP stations oriented toward 3D scanning and modeling)
    • 2 Wacom Cintiqs 21UX (connected to digital media stations)
    • 1 Phantom Omni haptic device
    • NextEngine 3D Scanner
    • Polhemus Scorpion 3D Scanner
    • 2 large scale scanners
    • Colour laser printer, colour photo printer
    • 3D Printer (ZCorp Spectrum Z510)

    Equipment available for rent

    • 2 HD Panasonic AG-HVX200 cameras
    • Sony HDRTG1 High Definition Camcorder
    • 4K Red Camera package
    • 1 panoramic video camera (Point Grey Research Ladybug II)
    • 12″ Cintiq (12WX)
    • Macbook Pro Laptops
    • 2 HD projectors (Mitsubishi HD1000U)
    • 3 SD projectors (Sony VPL-CX85)
    • 42″ HDTV LCD (Samsung)
    • Mobile video conferencing system with 42″ LCD (Lifesize Room)
    • Sony PSP3
    • Nintendo Wii