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Make friends with our creative spaces, techniques, and technologies, and with our Technical Services staff!

Emily Carr University hosts the best in art, design, and media education and research facilities in Canada. Our reputation and shared passion for making attract dynamic creators and like-minded individuals to join the University's Technical Services team. These talented individuals technically provide services within the creative studios that offer you an interdisciplinary journey. However, all of these supportive professionals are also artists and makers themselves, with personal creative practices in art, design, and media arts.

You will benefit from their enthusiasm, expertise, patience, and guidance, as nothing at Emily Carr University is made or delivered without their collaboration. This team transfers tacit knowledge to you within our labs, shops, classrooms, and studios. Meet Technical Services in the Faculty + Staff directory.

Fused by a genuine commitment to collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and excellence in work, Tech Services provides 15 different specialty areas of artistic and practical expertise to the University:

  1. Animation
  2. Audio Visual
  3. Ceramics
  4. CNC Machine
  5. Communication Design
  6. Continuing Studies
  7. Drawing + Painting
  8. Film/Video + Integrated Media
  9. First Year Foundation
  10. Industrial Design
  11. Photography
  12. Print Media
  13. Sculpture
  14. Textiles + Soft Products
  15. Tool Crib

The Great Northern Way campus takes it to a whole new level.

With design principles that place students at the centre, Emily Carr University's campus at Great Northern Way expands our resources, technologies, and community!

Mold Making with Philip Robbins

Mocap with Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality, Stereo 3D