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July 7-31, 2020

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Studio Practice

We offer students a choice of 10 studios in a range of disciplines. No previous experience in the subject area is required, so students can choose to explore a new form or further their work in a favourite medium.

AnimationIllustration: Digital
Book Art + Print Media
Illustration: Traditional

Communication Design



Storytelling: Media Arts
Industrial DesignTextiles

Social Practice Wednesdays

Engages the Summer Institute for Teens first hand with diverse socially engaged artists and designers in Vancouver. Looking at artistic practice under the lens of the everyday, socially engaged art is crucial to civic change and often includes the general public in the creation of art and design experiences. Students will see how art and design can be positively centered around community, inclusivity and social change through practices that might include local food systems, music, intergenerational learning, disability/ accessibility and social consciousness. The mixture of field trips, visiting artists talks and group discussion will provide students a well-rounded base to explore how their own creative practices can be expanded beyond the studio.


Bring your artwork to life through traditional and digital animation. Create your own 2D animations using original drawings and build vivid digital environments and characters using 3D modeling software. In this studio, students will explore modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering to produce 3D animations and apply similar concepts to your hands-on 2D animations. Learn animation principles and practical techniques as you bring your vision to life in a range of projects.

Communication Design

Communication Design plays a large role in our everyday lives, guiding interaction and communication in both physical and digital forms. In the Communication Design Studio, you will develop visualization skills and creative thinking through a mix of experiments in various forms and media. As you learn visual language, design principles, and thinking method, the program also provides experiences of exploring contemporary issues and concepts and examining how designers contribute from commercial design to social awareness campaigns.


Explore how you see the world around you with traditional, technical and experimental drawing processes. Through various drawing methodologies investigate and apply a variety of drawing media and approaches to elevate your work and extend your comfort zone. Learn to work with graphite, ink, conté, charcoal and pastel as you further develop your technique and style. Create a variety of large-scale representational drawings, abstract compositions and sketches for your portfolio.

Industrial Design

Discover how sustainable and human-centered design can positively impact the world around us. This studio introduces the core values and application and potential of Industrial Design through prototyping and case studies of product design. Students will learn technical drawing, CAD software, 3D printing and model-making alongside principals of accessibility, ergonomics, material innovation and ecological concerns.

Illustration: Digital

Digital illustrations can be found in everything from web comics to magazines. Expand your illustration abilities as you apply your sketching, drawing and composition skills in a digital environment. Learn to work with layers, shape vector art and utilize colour as you create both process-based and print-ready work using tablets and industry-standard Adobe programs. Discover how the creative process can apply to concept, product and character design within a digital arts or commercial environment.

Illustration: Traditional

Broaden your illustration knowledge and creative potential through a range of projects. Create detailed and stylized illustrations that communicate ideas, capture characters and envision imaginary spaces. Using pen and ink, conté, charcoal, and watercolour, you will learn to consider line, texture and tone. Future illustrators, animators, graphic novelists or fine artists are invited to learn traditional illustration techniques as they develop their individual style and grow their body of work.


Investigate how observed and imaginary spaces and objects can be represented with acrylic paint and mixed media. Challenge yourself to take new approaches to your work as you experiment with abstraction and realism in order to further develop your personal style. Build technical skills through rigorous exercises in paint application, brushstrokes, composition and colour theory. Historical and contemporary practices will be considered.

Print Media + Book Arts

Explore the medium of printmaking while developing your studio skills in a communal environment. You will learn the fundamental techniques of producing monochromatic and multi-colour prints through a variety of processes while engaging with the medium of printmaking in context of contemporary art and popular culture. Additionally, you will learn binding and folding techniques to explore the possibilities of the artist book. Through print media you will be encouraged to manipulate narrative and sequence to challenge how the book can be constructed and circulated.

Storytelling: Media Arts

Rooted in expressing personal narrative story, identity and culture through media arts, you will learn to communicate conceptually and emotionally using photography, video, sound and interactive technologies. In this studio you will explore storyboarding, narrative construction, and layering technologies; incorporating personal and hand-held recording devices. Work produced in this studio will result in cohesive digital artworks achieved with dynamic multi-media approaches that tell your story.


Explore textiles within three-dimensional forms using traditional, contemporary and experimental techniques and approaches. Students will learn machine sewing and construction skills to create textile-based sculpture, wearables and installations, using materials such as fabric, leather, and other mixed media. In this studio, the expected uses, functions or appearances of textiles to produce dynamic forms and spatial experiences will be challenged and expanded.

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