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Painting is a language without words. It's your unique way of expressing thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It's not just about colors on canvas; it's a practice that encourages self-expression, creativity, and exploration of possibilities. You'll learn various painting techniques, experiment with different materials, and create your own artwork from start to finish. This course is more than learning how to paint; it's about finding your unique voice as an artist. Through guided projects and inspiring prompts, you'll learn the power of colors, shapes, and forms to craft captivating paintings that reflect your personality.

Whether representing the experience of nature, crafting abstract compositions, capturing personality in a portrait, or expressing the depths of your imagination, painting offers endless inspiration. With the expert guidance of our instructors, this course will help you discover your passion, explore your creativity, and create paintings that showcase your perspective, growth and distinctive style as an artist.

CSTA 103 Painting

July 2 - 26 2024 | 4 weeks
9:00am - 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
Monday to Friday

Domestic Students: $2,611.10 CAD
International Students: $3,011.10 CAD

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