Traditional Illustration

EC Teen Art Exhibit2023 by S Race 1229
Photo Credit: Sarah Race

Are you passionate about telling stories through art? Illustration is a dynamic and versatile method of communication, transcending language barriers, and connecting people through visual narratives. Prepare for an immersive journey into the world of traditional hand-drawn illustration. From line drawing to shading techniques and the application of color, you'll delve into character development, scene composition, and narrative illustration, breathing life into your artwork. Your creative journey is enriched by practical, hands-on projects. Experiment with traditional illustration techniques, guided by expert instructors, and receive constructive feedback from peers, shaping your skills and your unique artistic voice.

The skills you gain are a gateway to diverse career opportunities, from graphic design and animation to concept art and beyond. Whether you dream of illustrating children's books, contributing to animated productions, or exploring a new path, this course will open doors to your creative future. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and create lasting bonds with fellow budding illustrators.

CSTA 105 Traditional Illustration

July 2 - 26 2024 | 4 weeks
9:00am - 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
Monday to Friday

Domestic Students: $2,611.10 CAD
International Students: $3,011.10 CAD

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