Internal Event Request

Room Booking Procedure

STEP 1: Confirm your event details

Determine the budget and scope of your event and secure authorization and funding from your Dean/Department Head, (e.g., will you require A/V assistance, extra security or extra janitorial services for large groups.)

If you require assistance in determining event costs, the Facilities or Events team can help to advise.

STEP 2: Connect with the Scheduling Office

Contact the Scheduling Office to place a hold on a room of your choice. Provide a brief description of your event.

If you are unsure how to determine whether a space is appropriate for your needs, contact the Scheduling Office for assistance.

You will receive an Event Notification by email when your hold has been placed. Take a moment to look over the day/time/room to confirm your booking is correct. If any adjustments need to be made, or you no longer require the booking, please contact the Scheduling Office.

STEP 3: Submit your Internal Event Request Form

Complete the Internal Event Request Form and ensure that the GL is indicated and signed for. Return the form to Facilities for review as soon as possible.

STEP 4: Receive confirmation

Facilities will confirm your event. Once confirmed the Scheduling Office will record your room booking as final.

No substantive changes to the Internal Event Request Form shall be made within the two (2) week time frame prior to the actual date of the event.