Guidelines for PC computers on and off campus

How to keep your PC safe while working on and off campus

If you're working on a PC computer on or off campus, please follow these guidelines from ITS to stay up to date with security protection.

Please note: these guidelines apply to PC computers only. They do not apply to Mac computers.

If you are working on a PC computer ON campus:

  • Do not turn off your computer. Leave it on all the time.
  • Restart your computer at least once each day you come to campus. (Either when you arrive, or just before you leave is fine).
  • If you see any PC computers turned off, please report them to the IT Helpdesk so we can turn them on.

If you are working on a PC computer OFF campus:

  • If you don’t turn off your computer at the end of each working day, then please do restart your computer at least once every working day.
  • Please connect to ECU VPN for as long as you can each working day. For some people, services like BlueJeans will work better when the computer is not connected to VPN. Other than your BlueJeans sessions, PC clients should connect with VPN to help ECU manage and maintain your computer.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk.