Craft Website Help, Access and Troubleshooting

This website is built on a platform called Craft.

The Craft platform is administered by ITS. Content on is overseen by Communications + Marketing.

Departments and teams throughout Emily Carr have access to update pages about their areas. All new Craft users receive training from ITS.

For help with Craft, including access, troubleshooting, new pages or advice on content strategy, please submit a ticket to ITS.

Basic Craft Training and Access

All new Craft users receive training from ITS.

If you need Craft access or help with updating pages, please use the Help Request form at the bottom of this page. Consult the guides below for quick help!

Logging in to Craft
Dashboard, Entries and Assets
Access the Backend of a Page
Adding Content to a Page with Blocks
The Subheading Block
The Body Block
The Accordion Block
Adding Links
Add PDFs
Creating Drafts
Preview a Page - Real-Time Editing
Publish a Draft
Revert to a Previous Version

Advanced Tasks

If you have access to do more advanced tasks, here are some useful guides. If you need advanced access, please use the Help Form below to request access and training.

Duplicating Events

Need help with something not included here?

Submit a request.

Looking for guidance on content strategy, writing for the web, or accessibility? Visit the Working with Website Content resources from Communications + Marketing.