Digital Photography

ECU2022 by S Race 6126

Photography can capture moments, emotions, and stories from the world around us. Discover how to convey stories and emotions through your photographs, whether you're interested in landscapes, portraits, or documentary photography. Beyond the basics, you will have the opportunity to explore specialized areas like macro photography, painting with light, and experimental photographic techniques. Practical, hands-on projects, guided by an experienced photographer, will deepen your understanding of photographic concepts, composition, lighting, and digital post-processing techniques. Develop your own unique style and expand your creative horizons with digital photography!

Whether you aspire to be a professional photographer or simply want to enrich your visual expression, this course will show you how to capture the world through your lens, tell compelling stories with your photographs, and connect with fellow photographers who share your passion.

CSTA 122 Digital Photography

July 2 - 26 2024 | 4 weeks
9:00am - 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
Monday to Friday

Domestic Students: $2,611.10 CAD
International Students: $3,011.10 CAD

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