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BC Libraries Cooperative: Notification of Privacy Breach - On April 25, 2024, the BC Libraries Cooperative notified Emily Carr University (ECU) that the organization had experienced a cybersecurity attack, resulting in a privacy breach. The attack impacted the Cooperative’s Integrated Library System (ILS), which provides the ECU Library with various services such as support for managing, cataloguing, and circulating library materials.

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Vision, Mission, Values of the ECU Library + Archives


The Library + Archives aspires to be a radical and empowering space that serves as the heart of ECU. We envision the Library + Archives as the place where students, faculty, staff, and the wider community deepen their creative knowledge and research practices, and make connections. The Library + Archives will be a humanising and fully accessible place where the responsive and relatable team prioritise trust-building and advocacy as they strive to meet community needs.


Our friendly and approachable Library + Archives team facilitates independent and collaborative creativity, knowledge-building and judgement-free inquiry by providing rich collections, thoughtful services, and welcoming spaces.

Core values

  • Accessibility: we work to create an environment which ensures that the diverse physical, psychosocial and emotional needs of our community are met.

  • Anti-racism: we work to identify and eliminate the systemic racism inherent in our policies and practices.

  • Care: we demonstrate respect and empathy for each other and the community.

  • Community: we promote relationship building, reciprocity, and collaboration.

  • Decolonization and Reconciliation: we strive to dismantle harmful colonial systems and structures while developing respectful reciprocal relationships with Indigenous community members and our host nations.

  • Sustainability: we endeavour to be sustainable in our work practices, systems and relationships, and be part of the solution for climate justice.

(Collaboratively generated with all members of the ECU Library + Archives team between August 2022 and January 2023)

Goals for 2024-2028

Student-Centric Service 

Throughout the duration of our four-year plan, the library + archives team will assess and address evolving student needs in the following areas:  library spaces, collections, infrastructure (e.g., IT and our online catalogue), and general student experiences. We commit to engaging underrepresented voices and communities via targeted outreach and relationship building. This work will build off our existing service standards which aim to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all. 

Community Building 

Over the next four years, we will focus on building relationships with diverse communities within and outside of ECU. These communities include departments such as the Aboriginal Gathering Place (AGP), Information Technology (IT) and shops; all students and alumni; the wider community including our host nations, local residents, and businesses; other post-secondary institutions; and local ecosystems. With these communities in mind, we aspire to share skills and assets, to support one another, and to communicate transparently. 

Weaving Our Values into Our Everyday Work

Over the next four years, the ECU Library + Archives team will evaluate and grow our strategies and initiatives through the lens of anti-racism, decolonization and reconciliation, sustainability and climate action, and accessibility.  We will weave with care these values and principles throughout our internal and external relationships, our collections, policies, decision-making processes, and services. 

Staff Morale, Development, and Solidarity

In the next four years the library + archives team will forge a workplace culture that acknowledges that service and community constitute our core values, and that each member has a meaningful part to play. We will explore ways to support our agency and personal/professional growth and work collaboratively so that each of us can rise to our full potential while being fairly compensated for our work. We strive to be a place where our staff can thrive and grow, support each other in meaningful ways, participate in learning opportunities, and deepen our communication and accountability. 

(Collaboratively generated with all members of the ECU Library + Archives team between December 2023 and June 2024)