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Library Research Instruction Bookings

To book a library research instruction session, please contact a librarian by email. You can find your faculty liaison librarian here. Please include:

  • course name/number
  • date and time of the class
  • type of library experience you are looking for (i.e. in-class research session, library tour, artists’ book presentation, information literacy, collaborative learning activity)
  • location (online, in-library or classroom)
  • accessibility requirements.

A minimum of one week's notice is required to guarantee availability and allow time for preparation, though shorter notice requests will be accommodated when possible.

Online Research Instruction

Librarians can provide video presentations and online research guides that you can embed in your Moodle course. The presentations can be tailored to a course assignment or broader research theme, and will focus on how to search, access, and evaluate resources from the library’s digital collections.

Library Research Instruction

Librarians can design and teach classroom-based research instruction sessions across the curriculum. Each session usually lasts 1 hour and is tailored specifically to a classroom assignment or broader research theme. This type of instruction will include a demonstration of library research processes, use active learning techniques, and facilitate discussion to urge students to consider the social, political, and economic forces involved in the creation, distribution and use of information.

Library Orientation and Tour

The librarians offer regular tours to new faculty and students throughout the year. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce you and your students to the library collections, services and equipment.

Artists' Books Visits

Arrange a class visit with a librarian to interact with our Artists’ Books Collection. Integrate this amazing teaching collection into your curriculum whether it be communication design, print-making, curatorial practice, social practice, painting, photography, creative writing or design. It is the perfect opportunity to practice teaching with objects and to initiate an engaging interdisciplinary discussion out of the classroom into the library.

Collaborative Learning Activities

The librarians are interested in pursuing cross-disciplinary collaboration with faculty in areas of research concerning the book, experimental archives, social practice, digital resource management, artists’ publications, media archiving, bibliography and digital images. We are also engaged in compiling class reading lists, facilitating exhibitions in the library, working with co-op students, participating in class-critiques and mentoring students who have an interest in libraries.

Information Literacy Talks

Librarians can provide 10-30 minute guest lectures on topics related to information literacy. Some examples are Information Bias and Fake News, Digital Privacy, and Commoditization of Information.