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BC Libraries Cooperative: Notification of Privacy Breach - On April 25, 2024, the BC Libraries Cooperative notified Emily Carr University (ECU) that the organization had experienced a cybersecurity attack, resulting in a privacy breach. The attack impacted the Cooperative’s Integrated Library System (ILS), which provides the ECU Library with various services such as support for managing, cataloguing, and circulating library materials.

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The library has two printers (both print black & white as well as colour) on the main level by the Service Desk. Find details about how to print.

Priority use of all library computers and equipment is reserved for Emily Carr students, faculty and staff to help them meet the objectives of their studies, research or job-related tasks.

Guests to the Emily Carr campus may use the computers upon request. At certain times of day or at busy times of the school term, guests may be asked by library staff to vacate their computer so an Emily Carr community member can use it to complete their library or study related work.

You are responsible for your own data security - please delete any All data stored on all public computers is deleted on a daily basis. Please save your work to an outside source (i.e. USB drive, Google docs, email, etc.).


  • 13 public Mac computers
  • 2 quick access scanning stations with book edge flatbed scanner and ADF (automatic document feed) scanner -- send documents directly to an email address, save to USB or save on cloud storage
  • 3 flatbed scanners
  • 3 Media stations with DVD/Blu-ray players + VCR
  • Black & white and colour laser printers
  • Paper trimmer, 3 hole punch, stapler
  • 4 light tables