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The Supplies Swap in the Emily Carr University Library is a space for donating and accessing usable art and design supplies. Students, faculty, and staff can donate new or gently used supplies to be reused and repurposed, or find materials to inspire and complete projects without having to purchase them new.

The Supplies Swap is made possible by the participation and support of library staff. Please be respectful when donating and taking materials.

If you wish to donate supplies please bring it to the library and we can take usable items that we have space for. Please keep the items organized so other students can easily find and access what they need for their projects and to help library staff maintain the shelf. We do not accept large donations or hazardous materials.

If you need supplies for a project, please visit the Supplies Swap in the library and take only what you need.

Drawing implements, paints (must be in a sealed container), brushes, small tools, unused sketchbooks, paper, drawing and painting surfaces, fabric scraps.

For more information or feedback, please contact Ana Diab at