Print Media Courses

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Explore fundamental printmaking techniques such as lithography, screen printing, and book media, in our state-of-the-art print studio. Using various printing presses, tools, and materials, you will explore traditional and experimental printmaking approaches and create exciting print editions. This versatile discipline can be integrated into diverse art and design practices including communication design, illustration, and painting. Our print courses are suitable for beginners as well as experienced print-making practitioners.

Course No Course Name
TuitionTerms AvailableNotes
CEPR 103DIY Printmaking Techniques$432.50Spring
CEPR 104Introductory Screen Printing$432.50TBD

CEPR 105

Introductory Relief Printing


CEPR 106

Introductory Intaglio


CEPR 107

Introductory Stone Lithography

CEPR 108Introductory Book Media$432.50Spring
CEPR 109Introductory Letterpress Techniques$432.50TBD