Illustration Certificate

Gain valuable insight into establishing a dynamic and professional illustration practice!

Developed in alignment with industry-standard practices, the Illustration Certificate equips students with a solid foundation in essential illustration techniques, processes, and concepts.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their creative style through both digital and traditional material exploration. Illustrative skills are used in a variety of creative and professional practices, and this certificate will introduce you to the various contexts relevant to contemporary and commercial illustration, providing students with an understanding of industry demands and trends.

Develop a wide professional skill set and personal creative style that can be applied to many practices and projects.

A renewed flexible Illustration certificate- effective FALL 2023.

Required Courses in this Certificate

Core Courses

CEFA 1002D Composition + Form
CEFA 101
3D Materials + Media
CEFA 102
Colour Theory
CEDR 100Introductory Drawing
CSIL 100Introductory Illustration
CSIL 110
Digital Tools for Illustrators
CSIL 111
Illustration for Client-Based Work

History + Theory | Complete at least 1 of:

CESE 101Art History
CESE 102Contemporary Critical Theory

Professional Practices | Complete at least 2 of:

CSPD 100Portfolio Websites
CSPD 102Applications: Grants, Residencies + Exhibition
CSPD 105Business Planning for Creative Practitioners

...or choose 2 courses from any of our Professional Practices courses

Elective Courses | Complete 3 of the following recommendations:

CSIL 101Narrative Illustration
(formerly CEIL 206: Narrative Illustration)
CSIL 112Character Concepts
CSIL 113The Graphic Novel
(formerly CEGN 120: The Graphic Novel)
CSIL 114Illustrating Nature
(formerly CEIL 202: Illustrating Nature)
CSSC 100Creative Writing
(formerly CESE 108: Introductory Creative Writing)
CSSC 101Story: An Introduction

...or choose 3 elective courses from any of our offerings

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