Photography Certificate

Dive into the world of photography and learn how to capture moments that tell a story!

The Photography Certificate provides students with a foundation of knowledge, such as photographic techniques, appropriate equipment and tool usage, and contextual concepts that can be applied to a creative photography practice.

Students will explore various digital photography techniques, honing their abilities in effective composition, as well as discovering lighting and editing approaches to capture specific moods and tones. Traditional and experimental processes are applied to various photographic subjects, projects and purposes. Through studio and lecture-based courses, students will explore art history and critical theories of visual art as well as photography as a business practice.

Required Courses in this Certificate

Core Courses

CEFA 1002D Composition + Form
CEFA 101
3D Materials + Media
CEFA 102Colour Theory
CEPH 100Introductory Digital Photography
CEPH 101Photographic Composition
CSPH 110Adobe CC for Photographers
(formerly CECS 113: Adobe Lightroom + CECS 115: Adobe Photoshop: Photographic Editing)
CEPH 200
Intermediate Digital Photography
CEPH 201Studio Lighting
CEPH 202
Portrait Photography
CEPH 203
Commercial Photography
CEPH 204
Architectural Photography

History + Theory | Complete both of:

CESE 101Art History
CESE 102Contemporary Critical Theory

Professional Practices | Complete either:

CSPD 105Business Planning for Creative Practitioners
(formerly CEPD 200: Professional Practices for Artists)

Or both of the following...

CSPD 100Portfolio Websites
(formerly CEPD 202: Artist Statement, CV + Portfolio Development and CEPD 203: Artist Website + Social Media)
CSPD 102Applications: Grants, Residencies + Exhibition
(formerly CEPD 204: Artist Grants, Residencies + Exhibition Applications)

Elective Courses | Complete 1 of the following recommendations:

CEPH 120Black-and-White Film Photography
CEPH 010Photo Story: Spaces, Places and the Everyday
CSSC 100Creative Writing
(formerly CESE 108: Introductory Creative Writing)

...or choose 1 elective course from any of our offerings

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