Painting Certificate

Build a solid foundation in painting practices and techniques, and discover your creative style.

The Painting Certificate provides students with a solid foundation in traditional painting techniques with further exploration towards experimental painting concepts.

Students will work with a range of painting tools and materials, develop introductory and intermediate skills and techniques in various mediums including acrylic, oil and watercolour painting, and learn traditional and experimental processes. Through studio- and lecture-based courses, students will explore art history and critical theories of visual art, contemporary painting applications and the potential of painting as a professional practice.

Through completion of structured and independent projects as well as in-class critiques, students will produce a diverse portfolio of paintings.

Required Courses in this Certificate

Core Courses

CEFA 1002D Composition + Form
CEFA 1013D Materials + Media
CEPN 100Introductory Painting Techniques
CEDR 100Introductory Drawing
CEFA 102Colour Theory
CEPN 102Introductory Acrylic Painting
CEPN 103
Introductory Oil Painting
CEPN 104
Introductory Watercolor Painting
CEPN 105
Mixed Media Painting
CEPN 205
Figure Painting
CEPN 210
Contemporary Painting

History + Theory | Complete both of:

CESE 101Art History
CESE 102Contemporary Critical Theory

Professional Practices | Complete either:

CSPD 105Business Planning for Creative Practitioners
(formerly CEPD 200: Professional Practices for Artists)

Or both of the following...

CSPD 100Portfolio Websites
(formerly CEPD 202: Artist Statement, CV + Portfolio Development and CEPD 203: Artist Website + Social Media)
CSPD 102Applications: Grants, Residencies + Exhibitions
(formerly CEPD 204: Artist Grants, Residencies + Exhibition Applications)

Elective Courses | Complete 1 of the following recommendations:

CEPN 206Painting the Portrait
CEPN 207Landscape Painting
CEPN 222Intermediate Acrylic Painting
CEPN 223Intermediate Oil Painting
CEPN 224Intermediate Watercolor Painting
CEPR 100Introductory Printmaking Techniques
CEPR 104Introductory Screen Printing

...or choose 1 elective course from any of our offerings

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