3D Design Certificate

The 3D Design Certificate offers two streams: Industrial/Product Design and 3D Space. With an emphasis on multi-dimensional problem solving, hands-on model-making and technical skill-building, the Certificate in 3D Design provides the opportunity to explore principles of technical drafting, scale-modeling, product rendering and architectural design.

Courses available for registration:

Course No.Course Name
CEID 120Basics of Industrial Design
CEID 121Exploration of 3D Design
CEID 122Basics of Architectural Design
CEID 160Rapid Visualization and Product Rendering
CEDR 163Creative Drawing + Architecture

The following courses have been paused:

Course No.Course Name
CEID 223Architectural Modeling + Maquettes
CEID 224Introductory Model Making
CEID 231Introductory SolidWorks
CEID 235Introductory Rhino
CEID 2603D Design Sketching
CEID 262Marker Rendering
CEID 3633D Rendering for Design
CEID 4203D Design Studio

We are excited to announce that the 3D Certificate is currently undergoing a review to enhance the learning experience and opportunities for our students.

If you are currently pursuing this certificate, we want to assure you that your dedication and progress will not be affected. Your commitment to completing the requirements will be fully recognized, and we will support you with this transition every step of the way.

Stay tuned for updates and improvements, and if you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you for your patience during this time!