Continuing Studies | FAQs

Advice for Courses

How do I choose what course to take?
I'd like to take a course but there are prerequisites listed. What should I do?

Registering for Courses with ECU CS

I'm new to ECU. How do I register?
I've taken courses before. How do I register?
Can I register last minute into a course?

Tuition Support for CS Courses

Are Continuing Studies courses eligible for tuition support, financial aid or student loans?
Am I eligible for a discount on courses?
Are taxes applicable to courses?

Preparing for Your Course

What do I need for my first day of class?
Do I need a OneCard?
What materials are required for my course?
Where can I buy materials, and how much will they cost?

Online Learning

My course is online. Can I attend whenever I want, or do I need to login at a specific time?
My course is online. How will I access the virtual classroom?
When will I get to access my online course?
I can’t remember my Moodle password.
I’m in Moodle and I don’t see my course.
I've just completed my microcredential course. When will I receive my badge?

Changes to Course Scheduling + Course Cancellations

I received an email about a change to my course. What do I need to do?
I received an email that my course has been cancelled. What happens next?
I'm unable to attend my upcoming course. What can I do?

CS Student Services

Do CS students receive a UPass?
I completed courses at another institution. Can they be applied toward my ECU Certificate program?
Can I borrow items from the Emily Carr Library?
What do I need to know about personal data and privacy when accessing software for my course?
How are courses graded or assessed?
How can I appeal the grade I received?
How do I request a transcript from Continuing Studies?
I have completed all courses required for a part-time certificate program. What's next?
Do I receive a tuition tax credit for Continuing Studies courses?
Can I buy a Continuing Studies gift certificate?