Continuing Studies | FAQs

Prior to registering for any Continuing Studies courses, we recommend you review all FAQs below. Should you have further questions, or require more information, contact us and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Registration + myEC (Student Account)

How do I register for CS courses?
What happens if I am unable to attend a course I registered for or need to withdraw from a course?
How many courses can I take per term to complete a CS part-time certificate program?
Is there an application process for certificate programs?
Am I eligible for a discount on courses?
Are taxes applicable to courses?
Are Continuing Studies courses eligible for Financial Aid or Student Loans?
How will I know if a course is cancelled or changed?
How do I login to myEC to view my registration and student account information?

Preparing for Your Course

Where can I buy materials and supplies, and how much will they cost?
My course is online. How do I access it?
What are the changes to on campus access to Adobe Creative Cloud 2019?

Student Services

Do I need a OneCard ID or how do I get a OneCard ID?
Am I eligible to borrow items from the Emily Carr Library?
Do CS students receive a UPass?
Do I receive a tuition tax credit for Continuing Studies courses?
How do I request a transcript from Continuing Studies?
Can I buy a Continuing Studies gift certificate?

Program Administration

Can I apply completed courses from another institution to my ECU Continuing Studies certificate program?
How are courses graded or assessed?
How can I appeal the grade I received?
I have completed all courses required for a part-time certificate program. What's next?