Visual Communication Design Certificate

Learn compelling skills for the diverse and comprehensive field of Visual Communication Design, with concentrations in digital illustration, digital photography or user experience design!

The Visual Communications Certificate will equip students with a broad range of introductory and intermediate-level skills including typography, graphic design, web design, branding and data visualization. Integrated professional practice standards will prepare students for a career in conveying ideas to a client or audience.

Gain proficiency in various industry-standard software and then choose an additional area of concentration through a series of elective focus courses. Embark on a new career path, create a web-based portfolio of work and learn to promote yourself for a dynamic personal or professional practice.

Required Courses in this Certificate

Core Courses

CECD 100Introductory Communication Design
CECD 101
Drawing for Designers
CECD 102Colour Theory for Designers
CECD 103
Introductory Typography
CSDS 101
Innovations in Design
(formerly CESE 103: New Topics in Contemporary Design)
CSWD 101
Introductory Web Design
Students must choose either:
CSSO 109*Adobe CC Essentials
(formerly CECS 120: Adobe CC for Design + Production)
or all three of...
CSSO 100*Introductory Adobe Photoshop
(formerly CECS 110: Introductory Adobe Photoshop)
CSSO 101*Introductory Adobe Illustrator
(formerly CECS 111: Introductory Adobe Illustrator)
CSSO 102*Introductory Adobe InDesign
(formerly CECS 112: Introductory Adobe InDesign)

*students can take either CSSO 109 (45 hours), or each of CSSO 100, CSSO 101 and CSSO 102 (15 hour courses).

CEDA 200Intermediate Web Design
CECD 200Branding + Identity Design
CECD 201
Visualizing Information
CECD 202
Publication Design
CECD 203
Intermediate Typography
CSDS 102
Industry Intro: Design

(formerly CEPD 201: Professional Practices for Designers)

Focused Streams | Choose one of the following streams:

Illustration Stream

CSIL 100Introductory Illustration
CSIL 110Digital Tools for Illustrators
(formerly CEIL 101: Introductory Digital Illustration: Photoshop and CEIL 102: Introductory Digital Illustration: Illustrator)
CSIL 111Illustrating for Client-based Work
(formerly CEIL 203: Commercial Illustration)

Photography Stream

CEPH 100**Introductory Digital Photography
CEPH 201Studio Lighting
CEPH 203Commercial Photography

**students with a strong background in digital photography may opt to pursue CEPH 200 Intermediate Digital Photography in lieu.

UX/UI Design Stream

CSWD 100Introductory WordPress
CSUX 100Introductory UX Design
(formerly CEDA 700: Introductory UI and UX Design)
CSUX 101Introductory UI Design
(formerly CEDA 700: Introductory UI and UX Design)

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