Elements + Principles of Art (CSVA 100)

Elements and principles of art are the building blocks to any creative practice. Knowing and working with these key concepts will help you understand, develop and expand your creative skills. In this foundational course you will become familiar with elements of art (like color, line and shape) and principles of art (like proportion, rhythm, and movement) to give you visual and verbal fluency, and build a glossary of art terms to practice and describe art. Through a variety of in-class projects and assignments you will learn how to use visual components individually and in combination to organize elements within you work, and create increasingly complex compositions.

Contact Hours

36 course hours (3 hours per class)

Prior Learning

No prior learning required.

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Tuition + Materials

Tuition is $650.00. Download your detailed materials list before your first class.

Course Formats

Course offerings are available online (synchronous) and on campus. View schedule for current and upcoming formats.


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