Cross Disciplinary Certificate

Attention: Certificate Under Review!

Cross-disciplinary uses knowledge, skills and processes from two or more academic, creative or professional disciplines. In this program, students will have opportunities to creatively integrate diverse backgrounds, practices and contexts, build dynamic, multi-faceted portfolios, and cultivate their own entrepreneurial or industry potential. By merging design thinking and creative inquiry with a wide breadth of skills and techniques, students will be able to approach questions, issues and projects with more inclusive, adaptive perspectives, resulting in responsive, dynamic and exciting practices. This program is suitable to individuals from broad fields of expertise, including academics, professionals, artists, designers, scientists, architects, activists, and beyond.

Course No.Required Courses
CEXD 100Approaches to Creative Inquiry
CEFA 1002D Composition + Form
CEFA 1013D Materials + Media
CEDR 100Introductory Drawing
CEID 2603D Design Sketching
CSSO 109
Adobe CC Essentials
(formerly CECS 120: Adobe CC for Design + Production)
CESE 102
Contemporary Critical Theory
CSDS 101
Innovations in Design
(formerly CESE 103: New Topics in Contemporary Design)
CEXD 105Cross Disciplinary Theory + Practice
CEPD 400
Creative Entrepreneurship

Visual Art Electives (complete at least one):

CEIL 100Introductory Illustration
CEPH 100Introductory Digital Photography
CEPN 100
Introductory Painting Techniques

Design Electives (complete at least one):

CECD 100Introductory Communication Design
CEID 120
Basics of Industrial Design
CEID 122Basics of Architectural Design

Professional Practice Electives (complete at least 24 hours):

CEPD 200Professional Practices for Artists
CEPD 201Professional Practices for Designers
CEPD 202Artist Statement, CV + Portfolio Development
CEPD 203Artist Website + Social Media
CSPD 102

Applications: Grants, Residencies + Exhibitions
(formerly CEPD 204: Artist Grants, Residencies + Exhibition Applications)

Colour Theory Electives (complete at least one):

CEFA 102Colour Theory
CECD 102Colour Theory for Designers

Open Electives:

Complete at least 4 courses from any topic.