AI Studio: Generative Art and Design (CSPD 107)

Explore intersections of technology and creativity with generative AI. Focusing on hands-on projects and studio exploration, delve into essential skills, conceptual frameworks, and critical discourse surrounding the use of AI in creative processes in this futures-focused course. From experimenting with basic generative AI tools to curating a collection of AI-generated artworks, this course will engage you in a dynamic learning environment that combines theoretical exploration with practical application. Each week, you will explore a different aspect of generative AI in art and design, including technical skills development, conceptual thinking, and ethical considerations. Hands-on projects will challenge you to combine AI-generated elements with traditional techniques, fostering creativity and innovation. This course is designed to share tools and knowledge needed to effectively integrate generative AI into your creative practice, within a supportive studio-based learning environment. By the end of the course, you will have developed projects that reflect conceptual engagement with AI’s societal implications, while also building technical skills and critical analysis abilities.

Contact Hours

24 course hours (3 hours per class)

Prior Learning

To fully benefit from this course, prior experience with Adobe Photoshop or other digital image editing software required.

Courses offered that meet Prior Learning Requirements

Tuition + Materials

Tuition is $535.50. Download your detailed materials list before your first class.

Course Formats

Course offerings are available online (synchronous) and on campus. View schedule for current and upcoming formats.


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