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Micro-credentials are short-term courses and programs designed to help you develop focused, job-ready skills. Our micro-credential courses provide skills training in high-demand areas of work to support your job goals.

How does it work?

Choose from a roster of industry-informed courses and add sought-after skills to your toolkit. Micro-credentials are short, affordable options that open up pathways for your professional and personal growth at any stage of your career.

When you successfully complete a course, you earn a digital Skills Badge. This badge can be shared on your social media (like LinkedIn) to signal your skills to employers, setting you apart from the crowd. Design a customized learning pathway that can grow with your career.

Creative Technology Fundamentals

Combine your creativity with technical knowledge to create innovative and cutting-edge products and services. With the continued growth of the creative tech industry, these skills can help propel you into diverse and exciting career opportunities.

Web + Digital Design Skills

Create engaging and user-friendly digital experiences. Start building your web design and digital content design skills now and open up a world of job opportunities.

Teaching + Learning in Art & Design

Learn how inquiry-based learning can empower you as an educator to engage diverse learners and promote creativity. Our workshop series guides both new and experienced educators through essential teaching practices, ultimately strengthening your skills and inspiring new approaches to teaching.

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