Environment + Concept Art (CSSC 115)

Learn to create environment and concept designs that define the look and set the tone for film and gaming industry projects. This course will introduce you to industry-relevant techniques, moving from ideation and sketching to illustration and digital painting, to create layered storytelling and compelling environments suitable for Film, Games, Web and TV Series. Topics and projects covered in this course include previsualization, field observation and sketching, green-screening, matte painting techniques, and projection mapping with 2D and 3D elements. By the end of the course, you will also have the opportunity to create basic Game levels for both exterior and interior environments.

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Contact Hours

30 course hours (3 hours per class)

Prior Learning

To fully benefit from this course, prior experience with drawing, Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya is required.

Courses offered that meet Prior Learning Requirements

Tuition + Materials

Tuition is $714.00. Download your detailed materials list before your first class.

Course Format

Course offering is available either online synchronous (VCHAT) or on campus (GNWC). View schedule for current and upcoming formats.


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