Drawing Certificate

Drawing is a fundamental skill and building block to all visual art, design, and professional creative practices.

The Drawing Certificate equips students with basic to intermediate drawing abilities using a mix of traditional techniques, like charcoal and collage, with contemporary approaches.

Explore your creativity using conceptual expression and diverse sketching tools and materials, and apply your newfound skills in interesting projects. Whether you aim to establish an professional practice, revisit foundational drawing techniques, or improve your existing sketching skills, this certificate is a suitable stepping stone for all creative aspirations.

Required Courses in this Certificate

Core Courses

CEFA 1002D Composition + Form
CEFA 1013D Materials + Media
CEFA 102Colour Theory
CEDR 100Introductory Drawing
CEDR 101Introductory Pen + Ink
CEDR 102Perspective Drawing
CEDR 105Drawing and Collage
CEDR 200Intermediate Drawing
CEDR 205Figure Drawing
CEDR 206Drawing the Portrait
CEDR 211Cognitive + Critical Drawing

History + Theory | Complete both of:

CESE 101Art History
CESE 102Contemporary Critical Theory

Professional Practices | Complete either:

CSPD 105Business Planning for Creative Practitioners
(formerly CEPD 200: Professional Practices for Artists)

Or both of the following...

CSPD 100Portfolio Websites
(formerly CEPD 202: Artist Statement, CV + Portfolio Development and CEPD 203: Artist Website + Social Media)
CSPD 102Applications: Grants, Residencies + Exhibitions
(formerly CEPD 204: Artist Grants, Residencies + Exhibition Applications)

Elective Courses | Complete 1 of the following recommendations:

CEDR 121Drawing into Painting
CEDR 204Still Life Drawing
CEDR 221Intermediate Pen + Ink
CSSC 100Creative Writing
(formerly CESE 108: Introductory Creative Writing)
CEPR 100Introductory Printmaking Techniques
CEPR 104Introductory Screen Printing

...or choose 1 elective course from any of our offerings

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