Visual Communication Design Certificate Courses + Costs

We strongly encourage students to complete courses in the recommended order given below to best support their learning experience to successfully meet outcomes. However, students can register in any course for which they meet the prerequisites. In the event of a conflict between the recommended course order and the prerequisites of our courses, please follow the prerequisites.

*Note that courses listed below will be available starting January 2020 in the appropriate Term.




Course No.
Core Required Courses
TuitionTerm AvailableNotes
CECD 100

Introductory Communication Design

$424Spring, Summer, FallCourse replaces CECD 110
CECD 101
Drawing for Designers$424Spring, FallCourse replaces CECD 160

CECD 102

Colour Theory for Designers

$424Summer, Fall
CECD 103
Introductory Typography$424Spring, SummerCourse replaces CECD 112
CESE 103
New Topics in Contemporary Design$424Spring, Summer, FallCourse replaces CESE 110

CEDA 100

Introductory Web Design

$424Spring, Summer, FallCourse replaces CEDA 232
CECS 120*
Adobe CC for Design + Production$636Spring, Summer, FallCourse replaces CECS 136
CECS 110*
Introductory Adobe Photoshop$212Spring, FallCourse replaces CECS 131
CECS 111*

Introductory Adobe Illustrator

$212Summer, Fall
Course replaces CECS 130
CECS 112*
Introductory Adobe InDesign$212Spring, SummerCourse replaces CECS 133
CEDA 200Intermediate Web Design$424Spring, FallCourse replaces CEDA 332
CECD 200Branding + Identity Design$424Spring
CECD 201Visualizing Information$424Fall
CECD 202Publication Design$424SummerCourse replaces CECD 330
CECD 203Intermediate Typography$424Fall
CEPD 201Professional Practices for Designers$424Spring, SummerCourse replaces CEPD 210

Elective Courses
(minimum of 72 hours in one of the following streams)


CEIL 100

Introductory Illustration

$424Spring, Summer, Fall
CEIL 101**
Introductory Digital Illustration$424Spring, Fall

CEIL 203

Commercial Illustration

CEPH 100***
Introductory Digital Photography$424Spring, Summer, Fall
CEPH 201Studio Lighting$424Fall
CEPH 203Commercial Photography$424Summer
UX/UI Design
CEDA 150Introductory WordPress$212Summer
CEDA 700Introduction to UI and UX Design$503ONLINE
CEDA 710Introduction to Web Analytics$390ONLINE
CEDA 720Intermediate UI and UX Design$503ONLINE

Approximate Tuition Total (est)$6996-$8180

Approximate Supply Total (est)

*students can take either CECS 120 (36 hours), or each of CECS 110, CECS 111 and CECS 112 (12 hour workshops)

**students with a strong background in Adobe Illustrator may opt to pursue CEIL 201 Intermediate Digital Illustration in lieu.

***students with a strong background in digital photography may opt to pursue CEPH 200 Intermediate Digital Photography in lieu.