Undergraduate Program

Established in 1925, and based in Vancouver, BC, Emily Carr is one of Canada's premier provincially funded, accredited, post-secondary universities specializing in undergraduate and graduate art, design and media education.

Our four-year undergraduate degrees, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Design, merge critical theory with studio practice.


Emily Carr is dedicated to fostering an educational environment that is professional, practice-oriented and at the same time, rooted in history and critical theory. We encourage students to develop new and innovative ways of thinking and creating. Our curriculum is flexible, personal, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and based on the learning needs of students. Students have the opportunity to apply for co-op credits, internships and an exchange program that currently features membership with 75 art and design schools in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Europe. Our faculty are practicing artists, designers and scholars who encourage research and experimentation within every artistic medium and every field. Our facilities and resources support student learning and academic programs.


Earning a degree at Emily Carr involves more than just learning a body of information or a set of skills -- graduates leave with critical thinking skills and professional values that they will use in life and in the pursuit of new knowledge throughout their careers.

Emily Carr provides a unique learning environment with a diverse faculty and student body. We welcome students from around the globe, and in recent years, have hosted international students from over 50 countries.

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Degree Designations

Bachelor of Media Arts

Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts