Bachelor of Media Arts

Evolve with media arts.

Enter the evolving digital knowledge economy with the advantage of Emily Carr University’s Bachelor of Media Arts degree.

As a digital media practitioner and artist you will be well positioned to contribute and lead creatively and effectively through one of four focused paths of study and majors: 2D & Experimental Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Film + Screen Arts or New Media + Sound Arts.

With a Bachelor of Media Arts degree, you will have the skills and confidence for conceptual risk-taking in one of the fastest growing art forms in the world. As an animator you will work in 2D or 3D animation, games, visual effects for motion pictures, and independent shorts or animation films. Or, combine your creative problem solving and digital communications skills with experimentation in media and computer technology, to become a leader in technical and conceptual practices for social media, web, and software. As a media arts school, Emily Carr University is uniquely positioned in the industry as the only interdisciplinary institution dedicated entirely to creativity.

Connect digital and material worlds.
Make reality better.

Bachelor of Media Arts Degrees