• Overview

    Pique your creativity by adding a minor to your degree.

    As an undergraduate student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, you may declare and complete one of three minors, adding depth to your degree. Minors are interdisciplinary and designed around a theme, subject, or topic to enhance your learning. Typically comprised of 18 credits (with 9 required credits plus 9 credits selected from a list of electives) each minor consists of a cluster of second and third year courses focusing on a specific theme or practice, with a historical, theoretical, and practical context.

    You may declare a minor following completion of your second year. Choose from one of the following: Art + Text Minor, Curatorial Practice Minor, Social Practice and Community Engagement (SPACE) Minor.

  • Art + Text

    Word is, text.

    Are you a visual artist interested in text? Consider the Art + Text Minor to discover how text operates within contemporary visual art and to develop the use of text within your own practice. Artworks using text often challenge the conventions of the visual and conceptual in image-making, whether in the form of printed texts, artist books, words on the wall, or recorded speech, experiments with language explore the limits and modes of communication.

    The Art + Text Minor considers alternative structures of distribution including artist’s books and multiples, libraries, online database projects, as well as the use of typography as an artistic tool. This minor, delivered by the Audain Faculty of Art, places equal focus on concepts and materials by providing contexts and skills for text-based art practices.

  • Curatorial Practice

    Explore the creative world of curating.

    Are you intrigued by the possibilities of curating? The Curatorial Practices Minor is a great introduction and foundation. Through a combination of research and practice, you will learn historical precedents, modes of theoretical inquiry, and real world issues shaping the curatorial field. With an emphasis on the development of critical and speculative thinking, this minor offers a unique perspective on the contemporary art world. This minor is delivered through the Audain Faculty of Art.

    Explore grant-writing, exhibition plans, curatorial proposals (physical or virtual exhibitions), the development of criteria for self-curating or curating in relation to one’s peers, and the completion of curatorial projects. The Curatorial minor may also assist with internships and external collaborations, including newly developed networked cultures, preparing you to integrate curatorial strategies into material production.


    The new frontier is the SPACE minor.

    Be engaged with real world issues through applied art, design, and media. The Social Practice and Community Engagement (SPACE) Minor is for Emily Carr students in any degree program, allowing you to focus on social practice, ecology and sustainability, documentary practices, or community projects.

    Housed within the Faculty of Culture and Community, the SPACE Minor creates bridges between students and citizen groups, industry, non-profit organizations, arts groups, the public school system, and other related organizations. Three core courses for this minor provide an ethical framework for community engagement that will assist you with internships and external collaboration of all kinds, and provide an overall context for social practices.